Two police officers and one other person shot in South St. Petersburg

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Two police officers and one other person shot in South St. Petersburg

48 NBA players Test positive for coronavirus as testing resumes

Monolith appears on Atascadero’s Pine Mountain, CA.

Earlier today a one-car accident on I-70 in Hagerstown, MD

A New Video statement from Trump election system is 'under coordinated assault and siege'

A Mutilated body of a Woman was discovered in a Baltimore Street

Hispanic arrested for killing his wife in Langley Park, MD

A man was fatally stabbed during an altercation in Baltimore County Maryland

United Nations Committee votes to eliminate marijuana from the list of most dangerous drugs

first grade students return to School in Prince William County

Walmart overpricing gloves in Germantown Maryland

A local resident of Maryland record himself telling the people of Maryland that Walmart from Germantown locate at 20910 Frederick Rd, Germantown, MD 20876 it’s overpriced gloves they are usually or six dollars now or $15 plus tax here is the video from Norman Castro

It look like Walmart is taking a vantage of this crisis COVID 19 the everybody is going through we search on the web gloves and look what we got

overpricing if they’re not helping people in need

What is price gouging?​

Price gouging refers to sellers attempting to take unfair advantage of consumers during the COVID–19 emergency by excessively increasing prices for essential consumer goods and services.

Should I report price gouging to the Attorney General's office?

Yes. Complaints can be filed online here​​​​​. If you prefer to file a complaint by mail, click here and follow the instructions for filing a General Complaint. If you have questions, please call our Consumer Hotline at 410-528-8662.

​​​Click here to file a complaint in spanish.​​ ​​

Is price gouging illegal in Maryland?

Yes, in certain circumstances. Maryland's anti–price gouging statute, (Chapters 13 and 14, Laws of Maryland 2020, and Governor's Executive Order 20-03-23-03), prohibits raising the price of many consumer goods and services that increase the seller's profit by more than 10% while the COVID-19 emergency declared by the Governor is in effect.


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