Boeing 777 with 241 people on board makes emergency landing in Denver after an engine exploded

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Boeing 777 with 241 people on board makes emergency landing in Denver after an engine exploded

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Toxic algae growing in Rock Creek Regional Park harmful to humans and pets

A toxic algae is growing within Rock Creek Regional Park that can cause harm to the liver in humans and pets if it's ingested.

Park staff are saying that there are visible signs of microcystin-producing blue-green algae on the surface of Lake Needwood and Lake Frank.

Officials are particularly concerned about dogs that are off-leash and may swim and/or drink from the lake.

Montgomery Parks is urging visitors to take the following precautionary steps:

  • Avoid direct contact with water while boating or fishing

  • Swimming is prohibited in lakes at all times

  • Keep dogs on leash (as is regularly required at the park), and do not allow them to drink or be in contact with the water

  • Wash hands thoroughly prior to eating, drinking, or smoking if someone comes in contact with the water

  • Only eat properly cooked muscle meat of fish that are caught in the lake

  • Recreational activities including boating and fishing will remain open at the lake.


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