Boeing 777 with 241 people on board makes emergency landing in Denver after an engine exploded

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Boeing 777 with 241 people on board makes emergency landing in Denver after an engine exploded

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The owner of Grill at Flower Hill's Gaithersburg, Maryland Say ‘My Staff Will Not Wear Face Masks'

The owner of a restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland, wrote a controversial post on social media telling customers that he will not require servers to wear face masks.

The since-deleted post on the Grill at Flower Hill's Facebook page read in part: "Let me be very clear…my staff will not wear face masks while working here at the Grille. If that bothers you then please dine elsewhere and please try to find something more important to occupy your time such as volunteer at a nursing home or soup kitchen."

The owner said he’s hoping to reopen on Thursday and told All News Digital he has no plans to change his stance on masks.

The health department says it plans to send inspector on Thursday.

Anyone who knowingly violates the mask order in Montgomery County is guilty of a misdemeanor and could face up to a year in prison, and/or a $5,000 fine.


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