Gov. Larry Hogan insults Anne Arundel health officer on Facebook over school reopenings

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Gov. Larry Hogan insults Anne Arundel health officer on Facebook over school reopenings

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Sports are coming sooner then what Marylander expecting

sports leagues continue to work toward beginning play in the coming months amid the coronavirus pandemic

In Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan is initiating talks as the state begins to move on to the next stage of the recovery process. Hogan took to Twitter on May 16 to explain that he is beginning to put together a plan that will allow sports to resume safely soon.

As Hogan mentions, the initial groundwork included discussions with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Major League baseball working toward starting the season in early July.

there is a chance that the Baltimore Orioles are the first professional team in Maryland to take the field.

Manfred has recently said that he is confident an agreement between the players union and Major League baseball will happen

No matter when the exact start date could be, Hogan is making it clear that he wants to be prepared for sports to resume in a safe manner. Like many others across the country, he wants to see games happen soon, as long as the correct regulations and orders are in place.


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