Joe Biden has fractured his foot and will require a walking boot for several weeks

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Joe Biden has fractured his foot and will require a walking boot for several weeks

Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez charged with Stalking, Burglary in Hagerstown, MD

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Vehicle accident on I-395 in DC after the 11th Street on-ramp for overturned

Shoplifting Suspect Arrested for Assaulting Officer and Possessing Gun at Grocery Store in White Oak

The Montgomery County Police Department charged David Granados, age 22, of Silver Spring, with offenses to include possession of a loaded handgun, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person (due to prior felony criminal convictions), and second-degree assault for assaulting an officer.

On September 1 at approximately 10:05 p.m., officers responded to the Giant grocery store located at 11221 New Hampshire Avenue in White Oak for the report of a shoplifting suspect in possession of a gun.

Officers spoke to a security employee at the store who stated that he believed the suspect, later identified as Granados, had a gun in his pants waistband.  The security employee stated that he had observed Granados in the store and observed Granados attempting to steal store items by concealing them in his pants.  As the security guard walked over to Granados to confront him, Granados removed the items from his pants and it was at that time that the security employee observed a gun in Granados’ waistband.  The security guard called 911.

The security guard pointed out Granados, who had just made a purchase, and officers stopped him.  Officers did not find a gun on Granados, but while officers spoke with him, a store employee informed them that Granados had left the store for a brief time between the time police were called and officers responded.  Officers searched the area and located a loaded handgun on the ground outside the store.

As officers attempted to place Granados under arrest, he began to fight and physically assault the two responding officers as he attempted to run away.  As the two officers continued to attempt to place Granados under arrest, one of the officers activated his radio’s emergency button to alert other officers that they needed immediate assistance. With the help of additional responding officers, Granados was taken into custody.

Granados was transported to the Central Processing Unit and released on a $2,000 bond.

One officer was treated at a local hospital for injuries he sustained while placing Granados under arrest.

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