Jennifer Esmeralda Orellana, age 13 MISSING from Colesville, MD

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Jennifer Esmeralda Orellana, age 13 MISSING from Colesville, MD

Mysterious monolith discovered in Utah desert

YouTube Suspends One America News account For Uploading Fake News

Metro train car separation between Glenmont and Wheaton stations in Montgomery County, MD

Crash in Hyattsville last Sunday is now fatal

WATCH NOW | Biden announces key foreign policy, national security picks

Vehicle Pursuit Ends in Arrest In Frederick, MD

New York City will have "vehicle checkpoints" at key bridges to strictly enforce the 14-day COVID19

Emily Keller Is The first female mayor in Hagerstown, MD

three Suspects spend over $3000 at Hagerstown Walmarts using stolen credit cards

Minneapolis Murder Suspect Kills Himself in broad daylight WARNING GRAPHIC ⚠️

Demonstrators were gathering, protesting, vandalizing and looting in Minneapolis Wednesday night after a homicide suspect killed himself in broad daylight.

As officers approached the unidentified suspect near 8th & Nicollet, he produced a gun, walked to the entrance of a business, and fatally shot himself in the head. A terrified group of bystanders was directly next to him when he pulled the trigger.

Shortly after the unrest began, the Minneapolis police department released a surveillance video of the event.

WARNING: Footage May Be Disturbing To Some Viewers. 


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