McConnell proposes postponing impeachment trial until February

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McConnell proposes postponing impeachment trial until February

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Ahmad Sulaiman Charged with Vehicle Theft and First-Degree Assault After Foot Pursuit in Fairland MD

The Montgomery County Police Department has arrested and charged Ahmad Sulaiman, age 22, of North Adams Street in Rockville, with offenses to include vehicle theft and possession of counterfeit United States (US) currency.  Sulaiman was also charged with first-degree assault for attempting to run over a Montgomery County police officer as the officer tried to stop the vehicle (later determined to be stolen) that Sulaiman was driving.

On September 30 at approximately 12:30 a.m., 3rd District officers were dispatched to the 14200 block of Angelton Terrace in the Fairland area for the report from a resident that suspects were checking to see if vehicle doors were locked or unlocked.

The first officer who arrived in the area observed a Jeep Grand Cherokee driving slowly through the neighborhood and noted that the vehicle matched the description of a vehicle possibly involved in thefts from vehicles the previous night.  The officer also observed a Toyota Camry, later determined to be driven by Sulaiman, traveling at a high rate of speed without its headlights illuminated.  The Toyota drove on the sidewalk to avoid the officer’s cruiser.

The second arriving officer observed the Toyota driving on the sidewalk and attempted to stop the vehicle by activating his vehicle lights and siren at the intersection of Angelton Court and Angelton Terrace.  The officer exited his vehicle and was standing at the driver’s side when the Toyota accelerated and drove toward the officer.  The officer quickly moved as close as he could to the rear vehicle door so that he would not be struck.

As the Toyota continued to flee and officers attempted to stop it, the vehicle crashed into a street sign and then a tree; Sulaiman then ran from the vehicle.

A K9 team was called to assist in locating Sulaiman.  The K9 team located him hiding in a resident’s backyard and he was taken into custody.

Sulaiman was found to be in possession of property believed to have been stolen and counterfeit US bills.

The Toyota that Sulaiman was driving was determined to have been stolen recently from a resident in the Fairland area; the owner had not yet realized it had been stolen.  The Jeep involved in this incident was located abandoned in the area and it was determined to have been stolen from Prince George’s County.

Officers spoke to residents and obtained home video surveillance of Sulaiman trying vehicle door handles to determine if they were locked

Sulaiman was transported to the Central Processing Unit and is being held without bond.

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