Silver Spring Ice Skating Now Open

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Silver Spring Ice Skating Now Open

President Donald Trump gives the OK for GSA to officially recognized Biden as president-elect

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his family is quarantining after exposure to COVID-19

Linda Thomas-Greenfield - U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Janet Yellen for Treasury secretary

Bad Bunny tests positive for coronavirus

Governor Larry Hogan responds to Donald Trump "Stop golfing and concede"

DC Phase 2 adjustments which impact gatherings, exercise classes and live entertainment.

Avril Haines will be nominated to serve as national intelligence director

Alejandro Mayorkas will be the first Latino and immigrant nominated to serve as DHS secretary.

2nd round of direct payments to Americans - House Dems unveil

the House will vote on the gargantuan measure this Friday

the vote is expected to be highly partisan and straight down party lines

the package would provide nearly $1 trillion in relief for state, local, and tribal governments. Of that amount, $500 billion would go towards states.

which includes another round of direct payments to Americans

It will include a second round of direct payments of $1,200 per family member, and up to $6,000 per household.

It also provides for $175 billion in new funding to assist renters and homeowners with their monthly rent and mortgage payments.

The CARES Act further provided an additional $600 a week in unemployment insurance payments, but that benefit is set to expire after July unless Congress extends it. Democrats' bill would extend the additional $600 weekly payments through January.


Republicans have said countless times now that they don’t see an imminent need for another emergency relief package.


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